A3سلم المونيوم مزدوج 8 درجات


رمز المنتج: A3

الصانع: CAGSAN
المونيوم مزدوج 8 درجات

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This product is convenient to use in construction activities, factories, maintenance and repair works, professional working areas thanks to its robustness, practical and long-life usage, comfortable design, steel hinges and safety straps.

We use 15 mm Plywood with Wire Mesh non-slip film as platform for the user’s comfort and balance on the ladder. Wide stabilizers and aluminum supports on them are designed to offer extra safety to the product.

In case of special requests, it is possible to produce the product by using 8 cm rungs in order to make it more comfortable and safer. Thanks to the large surface rungs, the working efficiency will increase since the user will be less tired. Please contact our sales department for special solutions.

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